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Go Green with FilterBuddy

   The FilterBuddy is a unique product that reminds you to change your air filter every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. With these friendly reminders the FilterBuddy reduces energy costs and increases HVAC life.

How does it work?

  The FilterBuddy is self-contained with no wires to hook up and it operates one year on just 2 "AAA" batteries.
  The Start/Stop Timer Switch is activated when the FilterBuddy is placed on a flat surface.
   The FilterBuddy comes with magnetic strips for metallic surfaces and Hook and Loop tape for non-matallic surfaces.

Set up:

Install 2 "AAA" batteries and select the time frame for the reminder.

Easy to Use:

Install a clean air filter in your home or office and place the FilterBuddy on the metal frame which covers the air filter. Once time is up the FilterBuddy will beep and the LED light will flash.

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Proper installation for the FilterBuddy.

Beep/LED Status:

This product was designed, developed, and manufactured by, a subsidiary of IAS Corp.