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Invention Development

When you have spent many hundreds of hours planning your latest invention, it can feel more like you are waiting to give birth to a new child. Often the invention you have come up with is born out of necessity at other times is was an idea inspired by something similar you have seen elsewhere, but having the idea is only the beginning. If you want others to be able to use your product to improve some aspect of their lives, the next important aspect of your invention is development.

The process of invention development takes many steps before you have a finished product that is ready to take to market and see if the public is interested in what you have created for them. The first stage obviously is coming up with the idea. Once you have the basic idea of the product you want to create, you head to the drawing board where you can commit your ideas to paper. This allows you to try out various designs and versions to see if what you want to create is feasible.

From here the next step in development of the invention is for you to create a mock up prototype. This means using the stuff you have around the shop or even the house to create a non working version of your idea. This is just to get the concept together before you move on and create a working prototype. Once you have built a working prototype you are ready to find someone who specializes in taking your drawings along with your working model and can turn them into a finished product.

There are companies that specialize in helping people like you with invention development. Their function is to take everything you have including all of your drawings and the working prototype and study them. They can then recreate your drawings using the latest in 3D CAD software so that they can be used by their product development team to create a working fine tuned finished product that can be tested on the market.

If you do not have the materials or the capability to create your invention at home, there are invention development companies that can take your ideas from the paper drawings you have created and do the rest of the work. This includes creating CAD drawings and bringing you in to consult on every phase of product development until they have a working version of exactly what you had in mind that you can run through a test market. Both types of development company will also help you with getting your invention patented to make sure that no one else can steal your idea.

If you have invented a new product and are looking for an invention development company who has the skill and the equipment to create a trial run of your product to test in the public markets you need to contact Build My Product. They have extensive experience in many fields of manufacturing and are ready to help you take your product from concept to completed product.


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