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Throughout the history of mankind the invention of many important products was the direct result of need. In our long history mankind has always been an innovator, when we came up against a problem that could not be solved with the tools or devices we had at hand; we simply strove to create the appropriate item to make it possible to solve the problem. While some items have been the result of accidental discovery, most of the modern conveniences we enjoy today are the direct result of hours of sweat and strain by an inventor who had an idea he wanted to share with the world.

Of all the inventions that come to mind the invention of the wheel is probably the first and most significant of all. This simple invention changed the way mankind moved both himself and everything he owned forever. The wheel made it faster and easier to move heavy objects over longer distances with far less effort than ever before; today without the wheel we would have no cars, trains or busses. The wheel was the first invention to truly shrink the world and bring its peoples together to trade with each other.

Following closely in importance to the wheel is the invention of the steam engine. This power source was quickly adapted to the wheel providing man with the ability to travel longer distances, in less time and more comfort than ever before. The steam engine was also adapted for use on the farm allowing farmers to prepare their fields and harvest their crops in record times. Not only did this cut down on the amount of labor intensive work, but it also cut down on waste by helping to harvest the crops faster reducing the amount of food lost to spoilage.

The invention of electricity changed the way we lived our lives in so many different way, today it is impossible for most of us to even imagine what life was like before it. While there are still a few people in the Western World who remember life without electricity, the rest of us only know what it is like to use it to keep our food cold and cook it. We use it to light our homes and to power everything imaginable from a light bulb to a computer. For many people the idea of trying to survive without this simple invention is unthinkable.

No matter what the obstacle he is faced with mankind has always risen to the challenge with the invention of something that will make life easier or help him to overcome a particular problem. If we all sat around and waited for most of these problems to solve themselves, we would still be living in caves. If you think you may have come up with the next innovative product and are looking for a company with the staff and equipment to take your project to fruition, you need the services of Build My Product. They have the skill and knowledge to take you idea from concept to reality all under one roof.


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