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Product Development

Build My Product is an entirely owned subsidiary of IAS Corp that is owned by women and the background of Build My Product lies in the design, building as well as the manufacturing of automation lines, quality assurance equipment and production machinery and support electronics. It is this vast experience in these fields which has allowed Build My Product to provide top product development to inventors and designers. Taking into account that our company is staffed by experienced and professional engineers and technicians, Build My Product is more than able to offer worthwhile guidance as well as assistance when it comes to problem-solving solutions which will effectively resolve all design flaws and which will allow the product development of a vision or idea to be turned into a feasible and tangible product. More than hands-on experience within the realm of product development and manufacturing, our client's projects are always completed within their required timeframe and above all the product development will be done within the constraints of any budget. Should you have an idea or a vision for a product, Build my Product is a product development company that will utilize your ideas and designs and develop the ideas into a tangible prototype.

Our product development service is one of the most optimal methods for designers to gain the recognition they deserve, and in addition to offering assistance with product development, Build My Product is able to assist with the final packaging of the product and our staff will help with the production of the relevant documentation and software which will form part of product development. The manufacturing of the product is carried out in-house and will make certain that production costs remain affordable and we also offer each of our clients with the assurance of a prompt turnaround time. In addition to product development, Build My Product provides assistance within several fields, all of which can be used in conjunction with the development of product, and these services include custom software development (C++, VB, Java, etc), patent search and submission drawings, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, packaging design and the product development manufacturing for prototypes. All aspiring designers know that prototypes are critical to the success of all design ideas and with product development, the original design idea, and be made into a functional prototype that will be utilized to obtain investments, and at the same time, arouse interest in the product.

Go through the Build My Product website, http://www.buildmyproduct.com, and allow your ideas and vision for the future to become a reality. If you looking for small scale product development, our in-house manufacturing is more than able to meet all product development needs. Build My Product will continually ensure that new designers and inventors obtain ongoing support within all areas of product development from manufacturing to packaging and even distribution. In order to obtain a better understanding of the full range of services offered by Build My Product, take a moment to browse the Build My Product website and find the right resource offered that will transform a design idea into a reality.


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