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March 2010

AUTO-STOP to be featured this month at the Institute of Transportation Engineers show in Savannah Georgia.
february 2010

Bowl Beaver is now available!
January 2010

Glu-Burt Stick Fan Assembly Machine

The Institute of Transportation Engineers Technical Conference will be held at the Savannah international Trade & Convention center March 14-17 2010. AUTO-STOP will be displayed in booth 108 by Tim Paulin, Inventor. BuildMyProduct.com provided Research, Engineering, Design, Prototypes, Posters, Brochures, and web page  www.auto-stop.us for this great product.

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Production of Bowl Beaver, a brand new product that will alert you if your toilet wax ring fails and protects the floor from damage if it ever does is underway. We are actively seeking Nationwide distributors so contact us to be one of the first vendors of this great product. A dedicated webpage is coming soon.  sales@BuildMyProduct.com.


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BuildMyProduct.com and IAS Corp have just delivered another custom machine that assembles the hand fans you see used for promotions and advertising. You know the type that have a paper body with the ad printed on it and a plastic or wood handle. This machine will assemble 1400 of them per hour and can run almost continuously only stopping for refill of paper, handles, or glue. Learn more about this product by downloading the PDF here or by contacting us at info@BuildMyProduct.com.

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New website has gone live

Bowl Beaver unveiled with inventor
Bruce Anderson
oCTOBER 2009

HRTC Innovation Fair and Incubator
Open House

We have expanded our horizons on the internet. in addition to launching our new site for BuildMyProduct.com, we have also revamped www.iascorp.net and built a presence for both companies on many social networks. We look forward to linking up with you.

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At the HRTC Innovation Fair and Incubator Open House we were accompanied by inventor Bruce Anderson, he unveiled his new product the Bowl Beaver. The Bowl Beaver is a green product that promotes Water conservation and saves a home owner money. We are actively looking for distributors for this product.


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The Hampton Technology Incubator (part of the Hampton Roads Technology Incubator System) helps mentor budding entrepreneurs and small technology-based businesses succeed in the Hampton Roads region. Directing you towards networking connections with key business leaders. We met with innovative companies and resource businesses that specialize in assisting you to move your business forward.

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oCTOBER 2009

MAY 2009

One of our projects to be featured in Inventors Digest
APRIL 2009

Introducing the X10 from Titan Athletic Group

The Product & Technology Showcase had a small town-feel that gave contractors the opportunity to talk one-on-one with industry partners about their products and services in a comfortable setting. Vendor product demonstrations and education sessions were mixed in to the day�s offerings. All reports of the showcase and extra learning opportunities were very positive.

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We are very excited to announce that Titan Athletic Group will be featured in the Spring Sports Edition of Inventors Digest Magazine! They will be showcasing one of the projects we worked on, the X10. This product has been engineered from the ground up utilizing the latest technology in muscle memory sports training. Try the X10 you will never use the old style again - guaranteed.


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BuildMyProduct.com has completed another project. Although many projects we cannot discuss because of Non-Disclosure Agreements, this one we have permission to share with you. It is called X10, a baseball / softball training device designed to build muscle memory. While similar training devices have been available for years, they all have problems to overcome. The X10 eliminates these problems. We provided research, engineering, design, and prototype for this great product.

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mARCH 2009

BuildMyProduct.com will be featured in the May 2009 issue of Inventors Digest

Scott Reinen from BuildMyProduct.com to speak at Virginia Inventors Forum

New BuildMyProduct.com Trolling Motor mounts

We are very excited to be featured in the May 2009 Issue of Inventors Digest. If you have not read this publication yet, please check it out.  You will find that there is a wealth of knowledge and it really is "The Magazine For Idea People".  You will find us in the "Talk Back" section (page 31) where our own Scott Reinen answers questions about BuildMyProduct.com and what we have to offer.


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Marketing, Manufacturing & Patent Law Crash Course
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
(Registration begins at 6PM)
James City County Public Library
7770 Croaker Road
Williamsburg, VA 23188

Virginia Inventors Forum, LLC VIF is an organization of entrepreneurs, inventors, imaginers, educators and those who help inventors. VIF is a non-profit support group connecting inventors to resources that can guide and inspire the invention process, thereby creating successful commercial ventures. We are a member of the United Inventors Association, a national organization that connects many inventor support groups across America. Learn more by clicking here - http://www.virginiainventors.org


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Designed for use on John boats with a two trolling motor setup, these motor mounts are lightweight but still strong enough to withstand heavy duty use and abuse. Two trolling motors allow for the ultimate in vessel control. You can spin on a dime and maneuver in better than a single motor. To adjust the trolling motors the operator simply grabs the cushioned grip handle and gives the trigger a squeeze to position the motors anywhere from vertical to horizontal, even adjust toe in/out, its that easy. The mounts are easily attached to most John boats with a smart integrated clamp design. Tested in fresh and saltwater, these mounts will hold through years and years of use.

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december 2008

BuildMyProduct.com joins the Hampton Roads Technology Council
august 2008

Biological Experiment system from the Viking Space program!

BuildMyproduct.com has joined the Hampton roads Technology Council to participate and support local technology efforts. The Hampton Roads Technology Council (HRTC) is the technology nerve center for the southeastern region of Virginia named Hampton Roads. Through the following initiatives, this member-driven non-profit organization is transforming the region and its technology companies into world-recognized technology leaders:

Providing educational programs, networking opportunities, and industry information to the region's high-tech companies.

Linking Hampton Roads' technology businesses with investors, legislators, educators, support organizations, and other critical resources.

Communicating to drive visibility and awareness of the council, its members and the region.

Developing programs geared towards technology minded students to aid in their successful transition to the workforce.

Working with economic development organizations to attract established high-tech firms to Hampton Roads.

Representing the interests of the region's high-tech industrial base to local and state legislators.

Promoting regional implementation of technology to increase the number, growth rate, and competitiveness of Hampton Roads' high-tech companies.


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Everyone has heard about the Viking Missions to Mars by now. NASA´s Viking

program is reported to be the most expensive and ambitious mission ever sent to Mars. It was the first U.S mission to land a spacecraft safely on the surface of Mars and return data. It is responsible for most of the database information about the planet until recent missions. The program consisted of a pair of identical space probes sent to Mars via Titan III-E rockets. When the Viking vehicles entered Mars orbit they separated into two parts, a lander which was designed to study the surface of Mars and an orbiter designed to take photographs and serve as a communication relay for the lander.

Watch the following clip for more info:


Each Viking Lander carried a Biological Experiment system just like the one offered here. The system was designed to study the biology, chemical composition (organic and inorganic), meteorology, seismology, magnetic properties, appearance, and physical properties of the Martian surface atmosphere. The experiments discovered unexpected and enigmatic chemical activity in the Martian soil, but provided no clear evidence for the presence of living microorganisms in soil near the landing sites.

Watch the following clip for more info:


The system we have obviously did not make it to Mars. Some of the pictures below showing the inside of the silver mechanical box have never been viewed by the public before. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, owning a Viking Biological Experiment unit is indeed priceless.

The Green Box houses the electronics. We have not opened this box, therefore the winner of our ebay auction (see link below) will be one of the first (other than those who made it) to view the inside! If it looks anything like the mechanical box you will be very impressed.

The Silver box houses the mechanical components. We opened this box in our clean room (pictures below). When the top was lifted and we got a look inside it absolutely took our breath away. Everything inside is custom made. There are electronics, wiring, and tubes that are shielded with real gold. Hours can be spent just admiring the top layer of the internals.

Check out this video for a brief look inside:



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december 2008
BuildMyProduct.com attends the INPEX invention show in PA.

We attended the 2008 INPEX Invention show at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburg PA. from June 11th to June 14th. If your not familiar, INPEX stands for Invention & New Product Exposition. It is America's largest invention trade show now in its 24th year. Every year people come from all over the world to exhibit their inventions and meet up with companies interested in licensing, marketing, designing, developing, or manufacturing new product ideas. We were there offering our services and showing off some of the projects we have done. In fact, BuildMyProduct.com was one of the few vendors interviewed by the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on NBC which has come to the show for 4 years now to meet and interview inventors eager to show off their products and ideas.


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