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Invention Companies

Its one thing to have a great idea for a product that you think is going to set the world on edge. Of course you are going to be excited with your new product but with so much more to do before you can market your idea, you need to find one of the many invention companies that are in business to help people just like you take a product from the concept stage all the way to manufacturing and packaging it for retail sale or delivery to your clients. When you are looking at invention companies, meaning those who are willing to help you develop your product you need to make sure that you follow some basic guidelines. These guidelines are to make sure that you can get your product manufactured and that the company you are dealing with is not going to try and take your idea and either manufacture it under their name or sell it to an outside company who can take your idea to market ahead of you.

Most invention companies are used to dealing with individuals who have a concept that they want built into a working product to see if it is feasible. To this end you need to make sure that both you and the company you are dealing with sign a proprietary non disclosure agreement or NDA. This simple but legally binding agreement is used to create an understanding between both parties regarding the confidentiality of your idea or product. It gives the company the right to create any drawing, prototypes and working models necessary, but does not give them the right to share the information with anyone. Before you actually submit your invention to companies for review and possible manufacture you should contact them to make sure that they are even taking submissions at this time. You need to make sure you have established contact with the right department first, this way no one is going to throw your invention straight into the garbage without looking at it. This can happen if you have not made initial contact with someone at the company, so make sure you contact them before sending in your hard work.

Another thing to consider when preparing to send your invention to companies for development is their submission guidelines. Each company you look at may have different requirements regarding the type of invention they will help you to develop. As long as you understand their guidelines and follow them carefully, there should be no problem taking your product from the drawing you created at home to a finished and packaged product that you can take to market. When it companies and invention development you need to talk to the staff and engineers at Build My Product. Here you will find a highly skilled development team that will work with you every step of the way on your project to make sure that the finished product is exactly what you had in mind. They can also help you with finding a long term manufacturer for your product once you are ready and know that it will sell.


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