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Invention Design

It all begins with an idea for a product that you think might be the one thing that makes a difference in someone's life or improves on a product that is already on the market. This invention or design is something that you have more than likely spent hours of your spare time fretting over and struggling with to make sure that when you go to look for someone to manufacture it you have a solid product. You may even have built several prototypes of your own to see if it really does work the way that you want it to.

However now that you have your design or invention ready to take to a manufacturer you need to make sure that the company you go to is not going to copy your idea or give it to someone else. Most invention development companies will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This form is their guarantee that unless you give them permission the only people that will see your product until you are ready to launch it are you and the company developing it. This also gives you time to start the patent process, which can be quite lengthy.

Getting your invention design ready for sale to the public starts with your idea on paper and goes forward from there. The concept is all yours and if you have the ability to build a working prototype it can make the process a little less expensive. Most product development companies will sit down with you and look at how far you are along the development process. This way they can give you a basic idea of how much it is going to cost you to take you idea from concept to full working trial run. The next step is to give your invention or design to a team of engineers who will work together with CAD software to create a workable design for your product. While you may have a perfectly workable version of your design, it takes specific software to create a pattern or schematic that can be used for manufacturing your product. At this point a functional prototype is made that, while it may not look like the finished product you had in mind is going to be fully functional. This way if there are any changes to be made they can be done before the finished product is made.

Once your design or invention passes all testing phases it is ready for a final trial run product to be manufacture and placed in a test market to see if it is going to be marketable. You can now determine final retail pricing based on both development costs and manufacturing costs, this will allow you to decide whether or not your finished product is going to be profitable enough to warrant going into full production or if you need to find a way to cut production costs. When you are ready to have your product put through this process let Build My Product help you create your invention.


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