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Invention Process

The experience and the expertise of Build My Product will turn any idea into a reality and with the support of Build My Product, the invention process will be professionally handled and aspiring inventors will gain the ongoing support they need to achieve design success. The services offered to budding inventors during the invention process include research and development, drawings and models, prototyping, packaging, manufacturing and support, and since the beginning part of any invention process is research and development, who better to partner with than Build My Product, where a team of expert and experienced engineers and technicians will make certain that the invention process is successfully launched and that the idea behind the design becomes a reality. Research and development are some of the critical components of the invention process, and the more than an invention is understood, the better and this is true within the realm of product development. During the research and development phase of the invention process, our staff will work together with the designer or inventor, using the very latest in technological processes to learn more about the product and how the product can be better designed and developed.

During the invention process, Build My Product will provide all drawings for the invention and this includes 3D and 2D drawings, as well as animations, which will allow inventors to get a feel of the product works. The concept drawing wills covey the thoughts behind the invention process and the detailed mechanical drawings will show exactly how the product is meant to work and in addition, we offer drawings of all parts and items which are needed to build the product. Another effective service offered during the invention process is prototyping, which is one of the most effective methods to launch any type of product, as investors or other interested parties will be able to have a tangible product in front of them, and they will be able to understand the workings of the product. Prototypes are critical to any invention process and in order to view our past prototypes which have been developed for a number of projects, feel free to browse the Build My Product website at http://www.buildmyproduct.com.

However, our assistance within the invention process does not simply end at prototyping, as Build My Product will offer valuable assistance and advice in terms of packaging and we offer various different kinds of packaging, which range from a simple cardboard box with a transparent plastic window, as well as a card and blister pack package and even a book and sleeve cutouts. In order to view the full range of services which are available during the invention process, feel free to browse the Build My Product website and find out how our in-house manufacturing will suit the budget of any invention process. We also offer larger volume manufacturing, should the need arise. However, to obtain an idea of the vital services provide during the invention process, feel free to browse our informative and comprehensive website and allow Build My Product to turn your idea into a reality.


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