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Invention Products

Many other of their invention products design services include FCC, PE, UL, CE, and more, testing and pre-testing, plastic and rubber injection molding / tooling, CNC and manual machining, overseas manufacturing support and coordination, custom software development (C++, VB, Java, etc), PhD level consultation services, PLC and machine control programming, packaging design, prototypes, and the finished invention products, parts cost reduction on new or existing products and all of the materials for manufacturing your product design and development. Prototypes are great tools for use during your invention products design and development. Functional prototypes allow you to test the function of the invention products and allow you to make changes to the design before time and money are spent on details. Final Quality Prototypes allow you to see what your product will look like when it is produced by the end manufacturer. This is a great way to present your invention products design and development to potential investors.

At Build My Product, they have found that many investors want to see the product, hold it in their hands, and use it prior to spending their money on it. These final quality prototypes are good if you want to test the market but you do not have capital to startup full production right away, they do cost more each but you don't have to order as many. At Build My Product, they are dedicated to helping your invention products development ideas become a reality. They are fully equipped to help you not only manage and oversee your product, but also can offer their expert advice as to any improvements or adjustments that may need to be made in order for your invention products to function better and succeed in a test market. Build My Product is a 100% woman owned subsidiary of the IAS Corporation that was formed in November 2007.

Their extensive background in product design and development, building, and manufacturing automation lines, quality assurance equipment, production machinery, and support electronics enables them to design your invention products while keeping end manufacturing volumes in perspective. Their qualified staff of engineers and technicians will work with you to solve pre-production issues regarding your invention products design and development before they cost you money allowing your idea to become a completed product fast and on budget.


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