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Product Development Manufacturing

If you have an idea or a vision, BuildMyProduct.com is a product development manufacturing company that can take your ideas and designs and develop it into a tangible prototype. Build My Product is a wholly owned subsidiary of IAS Corp, which is owned by women and our background is in the design, building and the manufacturing of automation lines, quality assurance equipment as well as production machinery and support electronics. Our experience in this field has allowed us to offer the best in product development manufacturing to our clients and since we are staffed by qualified and professional engineers and technicians, BuildMyProduct.com will offer guidance and assistance in terms of problem-solving solutions that will resolve all design and manufacture issues and which will turn a vision or idea into a tangible prototype. In addition, our experience in the field of product development manufacturing has ensured that our client's projects are completed within as specified timeframe and more importantly, are completed within budget. More than offering product development manufacturing, BuildMyProduct.com offers assistance in several fields, which includes custom software development (C++, VB, Java, etc), patent search and submission drawings, mechanical, electrical and software engineering, packing, and logo design, as well as the product development manufacturing for prototypes.

As all aspiring designers know, prototypes are vital to the success of any idea or vision and with our product development manufacturing, we will be able to take your design ideas and turn them into a functional prototype, which can be used to gain investment and arouse interest in your product. Our product development manufacturing is one of the best ways for new designers to make a name for themselves and for their product and in addition to the product development manufacturing, BuildMyProduct.com will provide assistance with packaging the product once it has been manufactured and in addition, we are more than able to produce all the documentation as well as software which will go with the manufactured product. Our product development manufacturing is done in-house. This means our costs are affordable, and that we are able to provide our clients with the guarantee of the fastest turnaround time within the manufacturing industry.

To view the full range of services provided by BuildMyProduct.com, including product development manufacturing, packaging and prototyping, feel free to view the Build My Product website at http://www.buildmyproduct.com. Whether you require small volume product development manufacturing, or large volume production runs, our in-house manufacturing plant is more than able cater to all manufacturing needs. BuildMyProduct.com will continually ensure that new designers and inventors receive ongoing support in all areas, from product development manufacturing to packaging as well as distribution. Find out how BuildMyProduct.com has the resources to help you realize your goals. - BuildMyProduct.com - Turing your ideas into reality.


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