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Prototype Development

Build My Product is a prototype development company which is staffed entirely by women who have been assisting designers with prototype development since 2007. We are skilled in designing, building and manufacturing automation products as well as in quality assurance and production machinery and when we are approached with a prototype development, we are able to offer advice and assistance in terms of manufacturing quotas. Build My Product has a team of engineers and technicians who will work closely with designers and developers in a bid to iron out all pre-production snags and issues. When it comes to prototype development, Build My Product is a one- stop development company that is able to offer assistance in the pricing of parts, packaging design and prototyping, as well as product research, engineering, design and development, and in mechanical, electrical and software development.

We are pleased to announce that one of our products, the Filter Buddy, is presently being trial tested on the consumer market and what began as a prototype development project, is now a recognized brand that will soon be launched on the market. If you have an idea, allow Build My Product to assist with testing and exploration and thanks to our experience in the realm of prototype development, we will go to great lengths to resolve production issues and provide advice that is backed by experience and skill. To view the type of work that Build My Project has been involved in, and the products that they have been instrumental in developing, feel free to view the Build My Product website at http://www.buildmyproduct.com.

Forming part of prototype development is research and design which is an integral part of any product, as the more that we know about the product, the better designs can be made, and since Build My Product is continually carrying out research into the technical specifications of projects, we have a good technical base on which to launch new prototype developments. In addition to research and design, we offer CAD drawings and virtual 3D Models, and in order to view our previous work, feel free to browse our website. The prototype development is certainly one of the most optimal methods for project testing, as the prototype will allow designers to obtain a feel for the workings of the products. In addition, prototypes are a tangible method to present the new design to potential investors, and as such, Build My Product will assist with prototype development, which will launch your idea to success. Find out more about prototype development via our website and find out more about the services which are offered to new designers. Other services offered by Build My Product include manufacturing, packaging and support and we are one o the few prototype development companies that guarantees ongoing support and continued customer service. Partner with Build My Product and reap the rewards of your ideas. Our website provides the full details of each service which is provided, which ranges, from prototype development to packaging and manufacturing.


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