Turning your ideas into reality...

Patent Development In order to avoid costly and lengthy lawsuits, you first need to make sure that your prototype is not something that's already been invented and patented. The company you choose to help with your prototypes should be able to assist on searching the patent records to make sure that you're not infringing on them. Once that's been established, they should be able to help you with the drawing and submitting of patent documents. Market Research As you work to make your prototype better, you must remain flexible with your ideas. While you might think you've got it perfected, the reality is that it's up to your potential customers to decide if your product is worthwhile. As a result, you want to hire a team that's going to help with market research.

They should be able to research your customer base and find out what their needs are and how they'd like those needs to be met through your product. Testing Once you have a prototype and are ready to get moving, you'll need to test it. First and foremost you must test it to make sure that it's safe, not only to avoid lawsuits but to ensure your customers are not at risk when using your product. Depending on the product, you'll also have other testing to do. This might be as simple as stress tests to see how well it stands up to regular wear and tear, or might include shelf stable tests to see how your product stands up to changing temperatures and moisture levels. Manufacturing When you have a prototype and are ready to start making it in bulk, you'll need information on manufacturing options.

For most products, it's going to make the most financial sense to have them manufactured overseas. As a result, you want to pair up with a company that can help to facilitate this. They should have experience with support and coordination of overseas manufacturing, to ensure that they can help you with this aspect of your business. Packaging It's important not to downplay how important the packaging of your product is. No matter how great your prototype or how useful it will be to people, if they don't take notice of it, it won't sell. Therefore, you need to work with a team that has experience with the design and packaging of new products. This will help your product to stand out from the rest and get your potential customers excited about trying it.



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